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23 minutes to a Brand New You!


Amazing Program!!!!


I was shocked that my clothes fit different after the first week and I lost an amazing 3.2% body fat and 2.5 inches off my waist in just 21 days.


This was all accomplished by combining just two 23-minute H.I.T. strength training workouts per week and Troy’s amazingly easy meal planning system. This plan is so easy to follow and the workouts Troy designs are amazing and fun!


I was so glad to find a program that allowed me to eat the same food my family ate and still lose weight and inches! This plan taught a simple, yet super effective way to use proper portions and offered great snack suggestions.


I will continue to follow this plan and can’t wait to see my future results. This program totally changed my outlook on eating and exercise and just like Troy promised it gave me


“MAXIMUM RESULTS in Minimum Time”


Andrea Brown 


I've been working out at Troy Huggett Fitness Pros in the group classes twice a week for about 8 months. I enjoy the friendly faces and laughter during class as well as feeling I've accomplished a whole body workout in less than half an hour. Troy recently asked me to amp up my workout and provided a few helpful hints. In less than a month with no big lifestyle changes I had lost inches.


Thanks Troy for creating an atmosphere of laughter and achievement at Fitness Pros.

Lisa Dilts















Troy's classes offer a challenging variety of exercises to strengthen and tone muscles, in an environment of inspiration and  fun. We are able to stay fit and strong with a different workout routine put together for us every month by Troy - always  something new and interesting.  Troy, his associates, and the members of the group classes make working out FUN!

Stephanie Breitbach





After years of training w/ THFP, I still love it and I don’t worry about being weak anymore and an added bonus, my clothes fit  better! I’m 43 years old and last week had my annual physical. My cholesterol levels were so good my doctor said he wanted to  frame them. First thing he asked was if I was still working out with Troy. You betcha!

Lisa McCulley





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No other group class like it in the WHOLE WORLD.

  • No Jumping, 
  • No Bouncing, 
  • No confusing Choreography, 
  • No Plateaus, 
  • No Boredom - ONLY GREAT RESULTS. 
  • H.I.T. Strength Training put to music and implemented in a fun group setting. A highly experienced trainer supervises each class and is there to motivate, modify, and move you to the next level.


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Each class runs 1 month. At the end of each monthly class, the exercises and workout is totally redesigned by Troy Huggett, M.S. - assuring you won't plateau or become bored!

Forget Circuit Training - This is NOT your Grandmothers Circuit Training

Go w/ Battle Creek's #1 Group Fitness Class, H.I.T. = Maximum Results, Maximum Fun, Minimum Time!!


Amaze yourself and actually lose:


*8-10 pounds of FAT

*2-3" off the WAIST

*1-2" off the ARMS

*1" off THIGHS

*2-3" off HIPS


Tue & Thurs                      Saturday

8:45 AM                             9:30 AM

1:00 PM

4:30 PM

5:30 PM

Tues & Thurs class is just $40/mo - NO Initiation Fee or  Long Term Contract.

Saturday is an additional class available for just $20/mo in conjunction with Tues & Thurs class participation ($40/mo)



Class Time

Tues / Thurs / Sat
Class Time

*I have been exercising off and on with Troy approximately 7 years and LOVE IT!
He is so inspiring and motivational that when I moved out of the BC area, I tried other places in the Kalamazoo area and always seem to come back to Fitness Pros.

I love that it is convenient with many different times, takes only 23 mins and has no long term commitment (pay monthly). I never get bored, because Troy changes the routine monthly and has great music while working out!

I am a LIFER! 

Diane Noneman 

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